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What is Classrr?

Classrr is a marketplace for peer-to-peer education. We provide a viable alternative for teachers to start & move along in their entrepreneurial journey, aswell as offering students the joy of learning anytime, anywhere. Classroom Marketplace, for short.

Why was this website created? Simple. In order to solve a persistent industry problem:

Currently, Education is lacking behind most other industries; restaurants, hotels even massage parlors can simply pop up anywhere in the world, however a classroom can not... until now. As a startup, teachers do not have as many options as other businesses, it is expensive to start up a classroom, it is also difficult to find students willing to enroll in your discipline.

Since the inception of Airbnb, many people now opt to rent out their room space to travelers from all around the world daily. So we thought that it is about time that teaching and learning also gains some benefit from technology, by removing the uncertainty of having an empty classroom.

How it works

It's simple;
1. Amazing teachers just like you are able to list your classrooms online and set a price.
2. Passionate students looking for a personal or professional learning experience can search through the listings for a classroom that suits their learning objectives as well as their schedule.
3. When the student finds a suitable class, they can then book your classroom via credit card.
4. Contact information is then exchanged and then you can begin to prepare your class.

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