Learning French for Beginners

The French language is one of the most popular ones in the world. It is easy to distinguish owing to its accent and also, the sweetness of its sound when spoken the right way. That is the reason why there are many people that exert effort to learn the language. Even those who were not born in France wish to be able to speak and understand the medium through which French communicate and in a way, astound different citizens of the world.

French for Beginners

There is no shortcut and secret formula to learn the French language. Just like learning other abilities, making yourself able to speak and understand this particular medium for communication requires patience and if you don’t have lots of it, you might fail on your goal. If you are a beginner with no schema or prior knowledge at all, the challenge is not just doubled but quadrupled or even presented at ten times fold. Hence, you get the idea that it will be very difficult for beginners to be astute speakers of the French Language.

So how can a beginner learn French in a considerable short period of time? There are some generic tips and concepts that can be remembered by those aspiring to be able to speak the language. Doing these things will ease up the learning process and it might help you to attain your ultimate goal.

Here are some of the things that you should consider:

Consider whether you want to learn how to read or speak French Language

French words

The French language is not like others that can have the same semantic properties in both spoken and written variants. If you will notice, Americans can have the tendency to write in the same way or manner as they speak. Filipinos can also speak and write in the same way using their official language. The French language, on the other hand, is not one to follow this concept, unfortunately.

If you pay close attention, you will observe that the way modern French speakers talk might vary widely with the things that you read in books that are written using the French Language.

How do you address this problem then? Just remember that if you wish to learn how to read in this particular language, you should stick to reading books until you finally familiarize yourself with words commonly used in writing these reading materials. If you wish to learn how to speak the language, you should couple your learning with audio books. There are many audio books that you can get through the internet which can teach you a lot about properly uttering French words.

If you wish to do both, then read some books and listen to some audio files. This, however, will require a lot of time, effort and patience as well. But if you can succeed in this, you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently communicate using the French language.

Pay Attention to How You Pronounce Words in French

This is the part where you will twist your mouth and tongue literally when you begin. This might make you feel uncomfortable and you will feel like you are making a fool out of yourself. But this should not be the way of thinking for you. In the first place, in any foreign language, you will really struggle with pronunciation. It is a normal problem that learners encounter.

The thing that you should remember is that you should not guess how words are pronounced in the French language. Remember, you are guided by audio books when you are trying to learn to speak the language so there should be no indications that you are just guessing how to properly utter some phrases or words. Try to remember the way these are said in the audio books. If you can, expose yourself to these materials multiple times so that you can familiarize yourself with them and avoid making mistakes.

There are also drills that you can try out. Just search the internet and look for some drills to improve your French pronunciation and accent. Try as much as you can so that your tongue will get used to uttering foreign words or phrases on a regular basis.

Try to Expose Yourself to More Viewing and Listening Materials Done in French

Practice makes perfect as they say. Therefore, you should keep in mind that the more you expose yourself to audio materials that are recorded using the French Language, the more the learning process will become easier. If you can tolerate watching French movies that have proper English subtitles, then perhaps you can also do that. Doing these will definitely help you out in making yourself a competent speaker of the language.

Understand French

Make Yourself Able To Understand French

What good it does if you know how to speak the language but you cannot understand someone that talks to you with the same? You should make it to a point that you can also understand what others are saying to you and you should be prepared to respond even with basic phrases only.

Some researchers revealed that when a French man addresses you in their native language and you don’t respond, there are two things that might happen.

The first one is that the person talking to you might be offended or insulted. When that happens, you might put yourself in a very bad position especially if you are a visitor, although violence is not likely to happen because French people do not resort to such things.

The second thing that might happen is that the one talking to you might realize that you don’t speak and understand French and he or she will start using the English language. When that happens, all your learning will be for nothing. Remember, this is one situation where you can practice French. If you are going to let it pass by you because you suddenly feel nervous about it, perhaps learning French is not one thing you should continue.

Develop French Communicating Skills

The internet can provide you lots of answers for this. It is not enough that you learn how to speak and understand the language. You should be an effective communicator using French.

You should be able to follow certain gestures as well as intonation patterns so that it won’t appear that you are just uttering something that you read about and memorized. You can watch various videos from sources like YouTube and even from Facebook that can teach you on how to talk like a real French man. You just need to exert effort in finding those that can really help you out.

Do not let your knowledge about the language be idle. Try to practice every day so that your knowledge will grow and you will have the chance to become a fluent speaker of the French language.

French Communicating Skills

Do Not Get Discouraged when You Encounter Problems

There are cases when learners tend to become discouraged when they encounter some hardships while trying to perfect their learning of the French language. There are also some who tend to quit because they find it hard to adjust with their pronunciation and accent. But that should not be the case.

Keep in mind that French is not your native tongue in the first place. You are bound to have mistakes along the way. That is a given fact that you should keep in mind. What you should do about it is try to isolate the part where you committed the mistake and do the appropriate plans of actions to correct it. The next time you encounter the same situation, observe yourself if you will commit the same mistake or if the problem has been corrected already.

This is not something that can be done overnight and just like what have been said in the start; there are no shortcuts or easy ways. You will definitely go through a lot of trouble if you really want to be a fluent speaker of French language and be able to understand it as well.

Don’t Forget to Share Your Knowledge

You might just be a beginner in learning the French language, but it cannot be denied that you will learn a lot during your studies. You should share what you have learned to others. In return, they can help you to further improve your communication skills. Remember, you need to talk to someone who can communicate using the French language and who better to do that than one that has learned from you, right?

Doing this can also prove to be important to you because some mistakes on your pronunciation or accent might be pointed out by those that are learning from you. When this happens, do not feel bad or offended and instead, use this as an opportunity to improve your knowledge. It is a win-win situation that can work out for both of you and those that are also eager to learn from you.

Lastly, there are many materials over the internet that can help you out with this endeavor. Find them and take advantage of them.

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