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The Norway

Norway is said to be a Scandinavian country. A country of the Aurora Borealis. Many people just want to travel to Norway and have a great time looking at the spectacle that it has to offer. But if you want to go to a country then you are pretty sure to know that you need to know their language. About 90% of the people of Norway speaks their first language and that is Norwegian.

Find teachers to accompany your learning

About Norwegian

Norwegian is a North Germanic language that is spoken by the majority of the people of the country of Norway. The Norwegian language is the descendant of the Old Norse language, the language that was brought in by the Vikings in the middle ages. The are two versions of the language, one is the bokmål and the Nynorsk. Now, most of the people speak Nynorsk but bokmål is not to be ruled out yet.

When the Vikings went to England, they brought their language along with them. This is why you will find a lot of similarity with both of these languages. In fact, you will see that there are a lot of words in English that actually has Norwegian origins. For this reason, the language is not that difficult to learn. Words like Vindu (window), knives (knife), once (ox), took (took) are just some of the words that reflect the similarity of the two languages. Learning the language of Norway is a great thing to do if you are planning on to go there or move there permanently. With all the population speaking the same language, you learning their language will only be beneficial to you.

Since English and Norwegian have the same origins, it is needless to say that both the languages have similar grammar. It is pretty easy to learn the grammar for that reason. Though one thing to keep in mind is that they use only two articles. For this, they have two genders in the language: masculine and feminine. Another thing that is different from English is the letter. There are some letters that you might not have seen in your life. These letters are also pronounced differently. Pronunciation is quite tricky in Norwegian and therefore you might need to hang on a bit to get used it. Rest assured when you do master the pronunciation of this language then you will be pretty much good to go. One more thing is that if you can master this language then you are pretty much half done with Dutch and Swedish as well.

Learning Norwegian – Best Practice

Learning Norwegian is not that difficult but the thing that you need to consider to learn it by the monetary aspect and also if you have time in hand. You can always hire tutors to teach you or you can take classes in local schools that teach Norwegian. You also have the option to buy CDs or DVDs to learn the language. There are lots of audio CDs that you seek refuge in, this will help you to learn while listening to it and then practicing it too. These might prove to be helpful but does it really help you out that much? Taking classes and hiring a tutor is pretty expensive and you taking a class on the language might be too time-consuming.

The best way to learn a language is always to talk to a native. You can always find one but it is still difficult. The only option that is left to help you out to learn the language is for you to go the country itself. This will help you to learn the language and also the dialect from the people living there. The reason why this helps is that you need to survive in that country, you need to learn the native language to communicate. You will be getting fluent much faster too. So, if you are really willing to harness the language then it is always better to learn it from their locals. One more option that I did not touch on and it that you can learn any language online as well. It might not be as effective but learning it online actually, makes you use your time properly. It is always online and for that, you can learn it whenever you are willing. No extra pressure will on your shoulders as well.

Tonal Language

An important note to know about Norwegian is that it is a tonal language. You tone really matters in this language. This makes the language even more amazing. China is one of those countries who have tonal language as well. This goes to show how amazing this language really is. The language sounds more like music when you will be listening to it. The tones actually make a difference in between things like homonyms.

Learning this language will help you out a lot in Norway. It is important to learn it because of the jobs that are done there. Though most of the time you will see that the work can be done in English but you need the language too. If you are working for an English speaking company then you might be fine but if you want to work in any local business then you need to learn the language. You also have to be sure that you need to learn the language to engage with the people. For example, if there is a party that you are going to attend in Norway, even though many of the people are there who understands and speaks really good English but they are more comfortable to talk in Norwegian. So, in a group of people, you might want to keep attention to learn new versions the language. Despite all of this, you might want to keep an open mind about learning.

Though learning a new language might not be that easy but you might have to In order to get ahead in life. There are loads of materials for you to choose to learn the language but nothing beats the power of communication with the natives.

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