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Available bootcamp near , Ashburn, United States

Sushi Chefs (Itamae)

Key information for this bootcamp

Type of bootcamp: apprenticeship & on-the-job training
Duration & cost: 1-year bootcamp for an estimated $17,500 enrollment fee
Expected ROI: In less than 6 months
Details: Average sushi chefs salary offered by our partners is $43,250
Entry approval rate: 70%
Skills in this bootcamp: +max Entrepreneurship +max Cooking +max Baking +max Cutlery +max Discipline +max Restaurant Management +max Sushi +max Food Preparation +max Sushi Preparation +max Consistency +max Customer Relation +max Customer Service +max Grocery Shopping +max Patience +max Food Processing +max Food Industry +max Sushi Art

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Bootcamp FAQ

What is the point of Classrr Bootcamp?

Classrr Bootcamp is equipped with guaranteed job upon completion, each of our Bootcamp is designed specifically to tackle certain skill set required by the job, taught by only the best in each respective field.

What are skills in the bootcamp?

Classrr whole experience is linked and integrated with our Skill Distribution Network and your Bootcamp experience is no different. You'll be rewarded with skills with up-to 3 years immunity to network adjustment.

I have been rejected to a bootcamp, can I reapply?

Certainly, things can change and experience matters. Feel free to reapply as long as the bootcamp still open for enrollment or you can be on a lookout for other bootcamp opportunities, it's just a click away.

What they say about Classrr Bootcamp

Classrr Bootcamp Review 1

Ned Dixon

"Amazing, wonderful experience, I can't say anything else but a huge thanks for my bootcamp teachers, there's no way I can do all of this by my own, the mistakes and everything, they are all very valuable."

Classrr Bootcamp Review 2

Amara Patel

"Confidence is the key and that's what I will always remember for my bootcamp experience."

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