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It's more than just learning, it's a beautiful collaboration

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The value of Classrr

We are not just an education community. We are the people who value life. We give back as much as we get from the community, and more.

The idea of Classrr is to bring people closer than the internet can do through education, building a real border-less education experience for everyone. In order to do this, we create a way for people to book their education anytime and anywhere they want. This way we can eliminate every negative stuff that exists on the internet and let good people communicate through learning & teaching, reap the benefits from a beautiful collaboration.

This concept works for decades, it's just this experience was exclusively owned by traditional schools, until now. Effort, discovery & courage are always the most important part of an education, many people gave up on education early after they just started or even before they begin, pursuing it further requires dedication & hardship, something that a computer can't perform.

In order to compete with what the internet has already offered, we bring something no one ever done before. A low-cost (even free) traveling service in every class we have at Classrr, which currently include transportations and hopefully soon will also include accommodations.

It's not just an internet experience, it's a human experience. We believe it's the way to connect people through education way beyond the internet.

Pricing guidelines for teachers

Remember your purpose. Making decision to go independent sometimes is not easy, the only confirmed supportive action you can expect is when a student finally booked one of your classes. Ask yourself "Would I book this class on this price?", remember that any of your class can be filled up to 6 students.

Pricing guidelines for students

Affordable price but not a cheap labor. There are several free classes from our generous teachers and that is entirely up to them but for many others it is not possible to do so. Understand that any business including from our beloved teachers' need to be profitable in order to keep running and possibly bringing you more & more benefits, it's a human being and not just a data & service.