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Here's why it's attractive to teach with us

Learn what makes our community different from others

Reach more students

Your unique personality deserves more recognition than you could ever imagine, that's what we're trying to promote on Classrr. We realize that if we stop treating our education and teachers as a commodity, we will have more saying in the game, it's as simple as that.

Leave more impressions

Students come to your classes because they want to or influenced by someone else (education is that important) and it's your time to work that magic, educate & inspire away. This would not work in situation where your students don't even want to be in your class.

Earn more experience

When you teach, you actually learn more from your students. It's even more true when the attending students actually interested in the topic you're bringing in.

Travel more often

Just like celebrities, you're entitled to travel for free at our expense, it's a way to promote what you do, what we do, reach more audience and gain more experience.

Bring more profit

Have more experience? Charge more, it makes sense right? Nobody will back away knowing your reputation and quality. And if you're a new teacher, do not worry, as an incentive for you to improve yourself, enjoy a lucrative teachers bonuses.

Have more freedom

You get to say yes and no, you get to decide what you want to do with your time, how much you're worth, where would you like to teach, what theme you want your class to be, absolutely no contract saying that you've got to commit more than you want to.

Mathematical Comparison

Affordable for students, profitable for you

Let's assume that average teacher today makes around $40,000 annual revenue on 50 hours per week, plus additional 12-14 hours per week grading student's paper. That puts yourself at $13.44 per hour with an expectation of receiving your retirement benefits at the age of 50-55.

Now, let's just say that you're charging your teaching time for as low as $10 per hour for the same length of duration but you're teaching 6 students in your classes. That's effectively $178,560 total profit, which is $138,560 more than your salary as a teacher.

Making an impact

Even though every class at Classrr is limited only to 6 students, the impact is actually so much greater, simply because it's on a personal level and the people you interact with, they aren't just a faceless & nameless person.

Before Classrr, teacher's impact is limited to where they decide to stay and live, every travel they make is always a new start. Now, teachers can reach global students and make fame on their own, Classrr connects every little thing that makes students and teachers happy to communicate and learn directly, wherever they decide to meet, across the street or overseas, there's no problem.

And wherever our teachers go now, they are still the teacher of Classrr, they can travel, learn, teach and have fun knowing that wherever they go there will always be students for them.


Many institutions failed to stand the test of time, with location as the main factor. Renting a place is a huge overhead for every educator that wish to start a teaching business on their own.

At Classrr, teachers don't have to pay upfront their rental, or making a huge investment over expensive equipments, classes can be filled up first for teachers to prepare the classroom later, it's risk free and win-win for both students and teachers.

Meet Some Teachers

Join the community, meet amazing people, in a meaningful way.

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